About Us

Our Mission

We are a locally family owned and operated business serving Fremont, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to serve our customers by continually creating the standard of excellence in residential building and renovation, as well as excavating industries. We ensure quality by paying attention to details and giving our customers the personalized service that has made our company a leader for generations.

Our Core Values

From employees to subcontractors, and vendors to customers, we strive to work with anyone who mirrors these core values. Though they were only recently documented, they were firmly established in 1960 when our company legacy began.

  • Success Through Safety: We are a safety-forward company doing more than what is required. Safety is at the forefront of every strategy and action.
  • Can-Do Attitude: From design to performance/start to finish, we take a problem-solving approach to any issue.
  • Move Quickly & Efficiently: We look ahead, come prepared, and hustle.
  • Do What You Say You’ll Do: You trust us to do things right and we take that seriously. Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.
  • Extreme Attention to Detail: Our reputation is quality. We do a great job for a fair price.
  • Be Honest & Act with Integrity: We show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work every day. We all lead by example.
  • Work Together, Win Together: Our collective experience + unique talents + hard work = Unimaginable Achievements at the employee, customer, and community levels.

Our History

Don Zimmerman, Dave’s father, began building homes in the Fremont and Lindsey communities in 1960. Throughout the years, Don branched out into other fields of work, including renovations and light commercial construction. In 1990, Don retired and his son Dave continued his father’s dedication to exceptional quality and service that began 30 years prior. Dave’s vision for the company included excavation, so in 1990, the company bought its first industrial backhoe. Through the years, we have purchased additional equipment to continue meeting the demands of our customers.


Dave’s son, Tony Zimmerman, graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in construction management in 2010. Following graduation, Tony worked for Pinnacle Construction in Columbus, Ohio managing multiple large projects in 2015. Tony returned to Fremont and has been managing the business with Dave. On January 1, 2018 Dave Zimmerman Contractor, LLC transitioned to Zimmerman Building Company, under Tony’s leadership.


Moving forward, we will continue to find innovative and more helpful ways to meet your construction needs. We continue to provide exceptional service and hold ourselves to the same rigorous standards that Don set in 1960.


Don Zimmerman

1st Generation

Dave Zimmerman

2nd Generation

Tony Zimmerman

3rd Generation